End of the Year Goals

Our goals for your child's year in the Toyon Kindergarten Program are:


By the end of Kindergarten, student will understand the basic features of text and the literary elements of theme, plot, setting and characters. They use phonic, syllabication, and word parts to translate letter patterns into fluent oral and silent reading. Students use a variety of comprehension strategies, such as generating and responding to essential questions, and making predictions and comparisons as they read and respond to a wide variety of literature.

Writing, Speaking and Listening:

By the end of Kindergarten, students will write words and brief sentences that are legible. They will write and speak with a command of Standard English conventions. Students will listen and respond to oral communication speaking in clear and understandable sentences.


By the end of Kindergarten, students recognize and use small numbers, quantities and simple shapes in their everyday environment. They count, compare, describe and sort objects and develop a sense about properties and patterns. Students will understand relationships between numbers and quantities.

History / Social Science:

Students are introduced to basic geographic and historical connections between the world today and the world long ago. Kindergarten students will compare and contrast the location of people, places and environments.


By the end of Kindergarten, all students will have science experiences and instruction in Physical, Life and Earth Science. Students will demonstrate and apply the Scientific Progress through investigations and experimentation using grade level appropriate activities. Students will know that matter can be observed, measured and predicted. Students will know different types of plants and animals inhabit the Earth. Students will know the Earth is composed of land, air and wate