Monthly Themes

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Monthly Themes
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September: Fruits and Veggies Matter
The main objective is to consume more fruits and vegetables each day, because they provide nutrients important to health, growth and development. This month aims to increase awareness about agriculture, farming and food production.

October: Let's Move!
Students are encouraged to be physically active as many days of the week as possible in order to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and strengthen muscles, bones and joints. Options such as walking, biking, recreation and out-of-school exercise options are explored.

The objective is to consume a variety of food items from all food groups, and understand the importance of choosing appropriate foods and amounts to improve nutrition and health.

December: Celebrate
Focus on appreciation for other individuals' food and exercise preferences, with an emphasis on the holidays and traditional foods as well as recreation. Trying new foods or healthy recipes is also discussed.

January: Healthy Choices
Encourages students to make healthy meal and snack choices, and be physically active every day. Choosing healthier foods and activities, as well as appropriate serving sizes, is the focus of this month.

February: Heart-Healthy Body
Educates students about different body parts associated with eating and moving, and physical activities that promote heart health.

March: Fuel Your Body
This month focuses on the importance of eating a breakfast that contains three food groups and foods high in calcium. The concept of fueling and hydrating the body is explored, as well as maintaining healthy bones.

April: Consumer Beware
Students are taught to make healthy choices despite advertisements that promote unhealthy foods. Also, they are encouraged to watch less TV and to investigate more physically-active options instead.

May: Ready, Set, Go!
The objective is to enable students to plan and set goals to maintain the healthy habits they have learned throughout the year. In preparation for summer, this month focuses on making lifestyle choices and putting them into practice, even when students are not in school.

June: Re-think Your Drink
Through nutrition education, students use critical thinking skills to explore different drink options for the summer and make choices about what is best for their bodies for optimal health and performance.

July: Play It Safe
This month focuses on being safe while enjoying summer vacation. Students will learn strategies for "playing it safe" in their homes, neighborhoods and community.

August: Me, We and the Big E!
Health takes on a bigger meaning as we consider the health of our environment and world. The concepts of conservation, recycling and caring for the environment are explored; as well as understanding the role of the individual and the community in taking action to protect the environment.