Box Top clipping is in full swing! Those little "Box Tops for Education" can be found on a variety of
    products including Cheerios, Pop Secret popcorn, Ziploc bags and Betty Crocker products. (For a complete list of participating products, please visit

    How can I participate and earn money for Toyon?

    1) Buy products with the Box Tops on them: It's a great way to keep your kids' attention when in the grocery store! ("I Spy A Box Top")
    2) Clip the Box Top when you see one, and store it in a safe place until you can bring them all to school. In the coming weeks you will find a collection box in your child's classroom and in the Office.
    3) Ask friends, family and neighbors to clip them for you too!
    4) Sign up for the "Box Tops Booster Club" at www (explains several other ways to earn money).