Community Based English Tutoring (CBET) Program

The Berryessa Union School District CBET Program offers parents and adult community members the opportunity to learn English as a Second Language through a fun and interactive curriculum. The classes will develop the skills for parents to help their children do better in school. Parents will receive free materials designed to assist in the acquisition of English in an effort to raise the general level of English language knowledge in the community.

The CBET Program is state funded. Currently there are about 100 participants at our school sites with Beginning levels two nights per week with 10 to 12 weeks as a session. Parents who have children enrolled in Berryessa District are qualified and we encourage them to learn English then extend that learning to the home with their children.

Through this program, parents will recognize that support from the family is a basic ingredient of a successful student.

Enroll anytime! Day and evening classes are available. Babysitting provided for children 4 years and older.
For more information please contact Maria Fregoso at (408) 923-1829.

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Ruskin Elementary School
1401 Turlock Lane, San Jose, CA 95132
Toyon Elementary School
995 Bard Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127
Summerdale Elementary School
1100 Summerdale Drive, San Jose, CA 95132
Cherrywood Elementary School
2550 Greengate Drive, San Jose, CA 95132
Vinci Park Elementary School
1311 Vinci Park Way, San Jose, CA 95131

Be a Good Model for Your Child!

  • Smile! - even if you didn't get much sleep last night.
  • Be there when you're needed, out of the way when you're not, and wise enough to know the difference.
  • Laugh at "knock-knock" jokes; even for the zillionth time!
  • Soften discipline with kindness.
  • Know that children can't be perfect.
  • Celebrate special moments, no matter how small.
  • Tell your child, "I love you!" - a lot!

From Family Literacy: The "Heart" of the Connection