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Student Handbook


ABSENCES: Please telephone the school office (408) 923-1965, by 8:30 A.M. if your child is absent from school. You may call this number at anytime beginning the afternoon before. Please leave your child's name their teacher's name and the reason for the absence.

If your child will be absent because of travel 5 or more days, please contact the school office at least 10 days before the child will be gone. This will provide us the time to prepare an Independent Study Contract for your child. This will help your child stay current with his/her class, and make this an excused absence.

TARDIES: Tardies are disruptive to both your child and his/her class. Punctuality is a habit that needs to be established while children are young. We would appreciate your cooperation in helping your child learn this important habit. Children must be in their classrooms by 8:00 AM for student in the 4th & 5th grades) and by 8:15 AM  for students in TK, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades..

ARRIVAL TIMES: Playground supervision begins at 7:45 AM and we urge you not to send your children to school before that time, as we cannot be responsible for their safety.

PUPIL SIGN-OUT: Release of a child from school may only be made to a parent, legal guardian or someone listed on the emergency card. Release will not be given to persons other than the above mentioned unless written permission of parents or legal guardian(s) is provided. Anyone taking a child out of school must sign the appropriate register, and provide picture I.D.

Please notify the office of any change in your address or telephone number (home and place of employment).We would also appreciate being informed if the names/phone numbers of your emergency contacts change, including childcare.

SCHOOL VISITATION: All visitors and volunteers must check-in at the office regardless of their purpose for being on campus. This is a district requirement. Parents are always welcome to visit. If you would like to visit a classroom, please arrange this in advance by calling the school office at (408) 923-1965.

HOMEWORK: Homework is an integral part of the student's total program. It is important for learning responsibility, good work habits, and good study skills. It is an extension of classroom learning experiences and requirements vary within each grade level.

Suggestions to parents: provide a regular time and a quiet place for your child to do his/her work, be available to help when asked, and review the finished work. If your child has had a great deal of difficulty doing the work, let the teacher know by note or phone. You may wish to ask the teacher for specific suggestions.

LOST & FOUND: Students who have lost an item at school should look in the "Lost and Found" area which is located in the Toyon multipurpose room near the restrooms. .Parents and students  are welcome (and urged) to double check our "Lost & Found" at any time.  Marking students' jackets, coats and belongings with their first and last names will help us return the articles to the correct classrooms.

LUNCH / BREAKFAST PROGRAMs:  Breakfast and Lunch meals are available on a daily basis for all students. Free and reduced lunch applications are available in the main office upon request.

OFFICE: The school office hours are from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM on school days. The telephone will be answered during those hours and someone will be here to assist you during that time. Our office phone number is (408) 923-1965.

HEALTH SERVICES: Berryessa's Health Services are provided by a school nurses who serves the needs of the district's schools.The school nurse's chief concern is the physical and emotional health of the students. To this end, she implements a number of programs such as: screening tests for vision, hearing, scoliosis (abnormal lateral curvature of the spine). Please contact the school if your child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease. You will be notified if your child has been exposed to a particular communicable disease at school.

MEDICATION:  Medication can not be administered at school unless your physician has completed the school medication form. Most medications can be timed so that they can be given at home by the parent. All student medication is kept in the school office. Please do not send medication to school with your child.

MEDICAL AND DENTAL APPOINTMENTS: Please make appointments before or after school hours. If this is not possible and your child must be released from school, please send a note and ask that your child be in the office at a designated time and bring a note from the doctor upon the child's return to school. All students must be signed out of the office prior to release from school.

STAYING AFTER SCHOOL: If it is necessary for your child to stay after school for any reason, you will receive a phone call from him/her. State law allows school personnel to detain children up to one hour after school for assistance, to make up time due to tardies, for behavioral reasons, etc., providing the parents are notified. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation home following this after-school time.

TRANSFERS: When a student is moving, please notify the office at least a week in advance. Teachers need to prepare placement information for the new school.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Schools practice emergency procedures once a month. In the event of a real emergency our district emergency calling system (NTI) will notify you.

Please observe and practice safe driving around our school. Students and staff may be directing traffic, please treat them in a respectful manner. 

CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT REPORTING: All school employees are required by law to report any suspected abuse or neglect cases to Child Protective Services. All reports will be kept confidential.

WAYS TO COMMUNICATE to STAFF: Every teacher has email, voice mail and a mailbox in the office. Don't hesitate to use these avenues of communication. Your ideas, suggestions, or concerns are important to us, and we will respond in a timely manner. Check out our website by going to our district website at: and then clicking on schools, select Toyon.


ELL (English as a Second Language): Children who do not speak English at a tested standard receive instruction individually or in groups as a part of the regular program.

STUDENT STUDY TEAM (SST): The SST meets to share information about children who have been referred by the teachers because of learning concerns. Members of the committee carefully assess the child's needs, pool available information and make recommendations to help the child find success. The SST may consist of the school Psychologist, counselor, Language and Speech Specialist, Resource Specialist, Classroom Teachers and Principal. Special Education services are considered only after the resources of the regular education program have been explored and, where appropriate.

SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTION: The Supplemental instruction program is provided for students who are falling behind academically. In order to qualify a student must be identified as being recommended for retention.


Note: Specific classroom and playground rules will be covered with the students during the first week of school and reviewed periodically.

GENERAL EXPECTATIONS: We expect the students to use good judgment in their actions at school and to respect themselves, their teachers, and the rights of other students.Good behavior is essential for effective learning.Those who lack self-discipline not only interfere with their own learning, but also prevent others in the class from learning.We want all of our students to be successful at school.


1. While at school or on the way to and from school, students are expected to observe standards of behavior developed by the school and district.

2. Students are expected to recognize and respect the authority of the teachers, principal, and other school staff, including substitute teachers, teacher aides, secretaries, custodians, cafeteria personnel, noon supervisors, bus drivers and school volunteers working in the school.

3.Students are expected to be in school every day, and should not be tardy to any class.

4. Students are expected to respect the rights, feelings and property of others.

5. Students are expected to use appropriate language at all times and refrain from using profanity, obscene gestures, and racial slurs.

6. Students are not to cause, threaten, or attempt to cause physical injury to another person.

7. Students are required to remain at school during school hours unless signed-out through the school office.

8. Students are never to have, or be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

9. Students are not to possess, sell or supply any firearm, knife, or explosive.

10. Students are expected to dress in a clean, safe and appropriate manner consistent with school dress codes.

DISTRICT DRUG, ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO REGULATIONS: The Berryessa Board of Trustees goal is to keep students free from tobacco, alcohol and drugs.They recognize that student use of these substances adversely affects their ability to achieve academically, is physically and emotionally harmful, and has serious social and legal consequences and they will not be tolerated on any school campus. The Board supports cooperation between schools, parents/guardians, students, law enforcement, and other appropriate community agencies and organizations which are involved in tobacco, alcohol, and other drug prevention programs.

The Superintendent or designee will take appropriate action to eliminate possession, use and sale of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and related paraphernalia on school grounds, at school events, or in any situation in which the school is responsible for the conduct and well-being of students.Students possessing, selling and/or using alcohol or other drugs or related paraphernalia will be subject to disciplinary procedures which may result in suspension or expulsion.


The Governing Board prohibits harassment of or by any student, or by anyone in or from the district.

Teachers shall discuss this policy with their students in age-appropriate ways and should assure them that they need not tolerate any form of harassment including any racial or ethnic slur.

Any student who engages in harassment of anyone in or from the district may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

The Board expects students or staff to immediately report incidents of harassment to the principal or designee or to another district administrator.The district prohibits retaliatory behavior against any complainant or any participant in the complaint process.Each complaint of harassment shall be promptly investigated in a way that respects the privacy of all parties concerned.

COMMUNICATION NOTICES: Keeping parents informed about our school program, special events and other newsworthy items is very important to us.The school newsletter will be sent home monthly.Please look for the newsletters and other notices that are sent home, and be sure to review them, as they will contain information pertinent to you, your student, and the school. This is our most direct line of communication between the home and the school.

CONFERENCES/REPORT CARDS: Conferences for all parents are scheduled in November and March.If a conference is needed at any other time, please call the teacher.There may be a change to your child's schedule during conference periods. Please check the school newsletter for dismissal times.

TELEPHONE:Cell phones may not be used during school hours.Students may use the school phone for emergency use only. , Generally, forgotten homework, books, lunches etc. are not considered emergencies. Every teacher has a phone in their room.Please make sure you record your teacher's number for future reference.

OPEN HOUSE: In the Spring, an Open House is held.It provides an opportunity for both students and parents to visit the classroom together, talk with the teacher, and view some of the work students have completed.

PARENT ORGANIZATION:The goal of the parent organization is to encourage cooperation between the home, school and community, for the best advantages for our children. Our goal is to work together to sponsor diverse activities for you and your children.

SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (SSC):California state law requires that schools to establish a School Site Council.Our Council will include the principal, parents and community, and staff members.The Council meets monthly to review and update the school plan and provide community input.Members usually serve two years and officers serve one year.Elections are held in September.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer at school.Please contact your child's teacher if you are available.This is a powerful way of showing your child how important their schooling is to you.