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Accelerated Reader

This year, we have converted to a web-based version of Accelerated Reader (AR) with access to over 130,000 reading Practice Quizzes!  This new version allows for parents to monitor your child's progress.

Become a More Informed Parent

Now you can view your child's academic progress online with HomeConnect! Click on the HomeConnect link under "Contents"

How Students Log On to the Toyon Accelerated Reader Web Site
  1. With the computer on, start your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chome)
  2. Type the following address in your web browser
  3. On the Welcome to Renaissance Place window, click "Student"
  4. In the user name box, type the first letter of the student's first name followed by the first four letters of the student's last name.  Example: Penny Shenton is pshen
  5. In the password box, type the password given to each student.
  6. In order to take a quiz, click "Take a Quiz."
  7. You will then be directed to a window with four types of quiz choices.  Students choose "Take a Reading Practice Quiz."
  8. On the next screen type only the book title.  Click "Search."
  9. Click on the quiz that corresponds with the title and author.
  10. Next, choose the best way the book was read.
  11. You will have a last chance to abort the test.  Once a test is begun, it must be completed, even if the incorrect test was chosen.
Accelerated Reader RULES for Students
  1. can take one test after reading an entire book.  They should not be taking quizzes on books they previously read;
  2. may be quizzed by their teacher about material read in the book.  Teachers may have any score removed that is questionable.;
  3. are on the honor system.  Parents, older siblings, etc. may not take a test for the students; and,
  4. may be blocked from this site if they continue to violate any of the rules listed above.